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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Me and Reggie's birthday party

Yesterday was the day when Reggie landed in Tallinn and we held our birthday party Royal Circus.
Thank you, Ingmar Jõela for giving us the look-look:

Sorry, it turned more Sci-Fi and Star Trek, than Royal Circus:

Castle of Fashion meets Wilma Circus:


We invited dearest friends and we had lovely decorations:'

Melissa bought us a cake, so I could wish that vodka would never end (and it didn't):

How I lost my false eyelash virginity:

We even had o-nom-nom-nom besides liquid lunch:

Yes, they all brought me L.V! (and Savetskojes, and watermelons filled with vodka and Maximum Vodka SUMMER EDITION!!)

I put all my L.V-s on the shelf and Paula couldn't take her eyes off. BEAUTIFUL!:

Kalle came from Sweden, with gurkmajonäss, whoa!

This was the fanciest present. Alas I realized that the day after, because I saw only vodka and the purse (I gave it back to the owner) not the earrings and necklace. AMAZING, I salute you Gerda!

Next few pictures are just to check over: Was I there?

Ott likes to jump out from the bush with a camera:

Circus is here! And nasty socks too:

Fitsstsss and beautiful Marleen:

The master clowns arrived and gave us a bangup show:

Neighbour threatened to call the police. WHAT A GREAT PARTY!:

Norman tried to steal the nose:

Party with a capital P. We all are here.
Wow - wow- wii- wwoww, such a fabulous time I am having in Estonia!:

Chicas are tripping in the garden:

Red Next - means good party. Clown knows!

Oh, I love you all.

I now have more alcohol than I had before the party, weirrrrddd:

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