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Sunday, July 03, 2011

The Songfestival

Another Songfestival was held today and it was powerful. WHOA!
Little children with balloons made me happy:

I have always had a dream that I could cycle my way to Lauluväljak. This time I SCORED!:

National dress - check, bicycle - check, ?? hat - check, isamaaline orbik - check:

I think it was her first. But it was my sixth.

Coldhearted boy:

It is 100 times better to be in a choir, I miss those times:

Sinu päralt on terve ilm, aga sinu oma on üks ainus maa:

6months pregnant:



E said...

Sul on nii mõnus blogi, see postitus on kohe eriti ilus. Hea-tuju-blogi on see!

Wilma Circus said...

Ai, kui armas! Aga kui tohib küsida, kuidas sa siia sattusid?

kiss kiss bang bang

E said...

Ei mäleta täpselt aga suure tõenäosusega kellegi blogi kommentaaride kaudu. Üldjuhul on see hea variant uusi blogisi leida.