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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Embrace the skin you're in.

An EKA student at my place with a Nikon camera - this is how it turned out:
(Triin made this collar and we found that Carven is copying her design here.)

"Don't smoke no grass or opium from old Hong Kong, 
that hubble-bubble just makes me see him double all night long":

"Some people say that oysters get you come on strong, 
but I don't buy it, I don't believe my diet turns me on"

"Don't waste my time with Spanish fly and roots to chew, they cause me trouble, 
because my aphrodisiac is him":

"I don't need no stimulation, potions, balms or embrocation. In other words - I'm in love":

"Some people like to read the Kama Sutra first. But I don't need it, I think if I should read it I'll be worse":

"I could sniff some powdered rhino horns or go to bed with rubber gloves. It still won't have no effect":

"Don't ask me why, because I ain't got no clue...

...I just concede it - my aphrodisiac is him":

Just whatevz, we had so much fun and I'm flying to England in three days. Life's good.


Ian said...

a little softcore porn for the mister is never bad, #MEGALOLZ

Wilma Circus said...

one must wööörk!