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Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend in London (marathon)

We spent this weekend in London. Why not, let's get crazy and take hundreds of pictures. Please, hang in there!

(we are addicted to blogging)

 Hipster mode on - this must be Bromley-by-Bow:


It really is greener on Harrods' side:

The only "posh" store with security guards who won't mumble "Attention, attention! Poor people ahead. Repeat  Really poor".  It's just lovely.

Obsessed much?:

Now comes Science Museum section.

London Street Style: 

My brain was truly happy, while browsing Science Museum:

He hugs his airplanes like he hugs me:

Nevermind the fact that I study history now. This shit turns me on:

Night around the town. Halloween Weekend.

Me and my BF didn't have a costume for Halloween, so we were...uhm...something:

I truly prefer buses and overground, but when you are in a hurry this is the only thing you need:

"Maybe I should just lighten up?"

We are from Eastern Europe, ya get me?!:

Samuel is not a good hipster, he looks like a scientist: 

Loora embodied the river Thames, she got a cape full of shit and everything:

Reggie was a bunch of grapes:

And I was a chameleon (a shitty one), I tried to melt in with the bed:

A lot of yummie:

U see grapefruit? šenijaal! (sorry Laura):

U MAD?! :

Lisa from Estonia:

Trying to find the warehouse. Had a lot of fun in between:

Nice balloons btw:

"Heyyyy, göööörlllfrieeend!"

Some examples from the costumes:







"Do you have 20p, mate?"

American Apparel Warehouse Sauna:

Reggie is now living in London and working for American Apparel. So weird, but mi like:

Afterwards we met Twisted Dance Company from Estonia:

The British Museum. Another history student orgasm. No extra words needed.

Together at British Museum?:

History freaks need some fun in the bath too:

About shopping and a terrible city jungle.

First thing I noticed in Estonia - stores are empty. There was only one person in the store, but not in London:

He wants:

Phonica Records. My mister's fav record store (one of them):

Camden town and market.

Camden is crazy x PÄEV!, but my mister wanted to buy some instruments so we had to go there:

Full random.


The best rave store there is:

Another record store:

It was all loud and dirty and rainy...so I made it pink and fluffy:

To Regina, Laura, Sam and Kaur with love.


LML said...

me like

Wilma Circus said...

Siiani polnud ma kindel, kas sa ikka koju jõudsid. U alive, that's good.

LML said...

nii armas :) seekord läks õnneks :)

regina said...

Fab post!!