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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Search of Sounds. Eliphino. (and Espirit)

Yet another weekend has passed. I'll be taking my last exam tomorrow and then I'm off to the UK. 
To wrap it all up - my mister played live on Friday. He still is so hot, when he is on stage. And Eliphino was also good.

This time I was rather sober to notice how Balou really looks like:

The ultimate place to be at 6AM. Legendary:

I had to pee or something:

White powder makes people happy:

There were like literally a bunch of drunk boys at the door waiting for girls who were DTF. Nasty:

Harry knows what you did last night:

A little fat boy:

Eliphino (also known among the crowd: Delfino, Elephanto):

The scenery:

My mister can't stand straight:

Mikk is thirsty:

Even if Rando's face can't be seen particularly much, it seems to look like this:

She is happy because Sam is back in town:

Don't know what shampoo Rando is using, but he has a lot of hair:

They were like fighting all night long, so Krõõt punched him in the face. Here is her "I'm-sorry-face":

And finally if Mikk likes to blend in then Sam likes to pop out:

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