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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sights that I'm seeing are priceless

On Saturday I insisted that we do the mandatory sight-seeing tour. Fred wasn't that thrilled, because it was too mainstream for him. Eventually I agreed: it was crowded, we had seen it all, but we didn't have money to do something else. 
At the end of the day I faced my first dangerous situation in the big city. I'm ok, don't worry. I'm just scared as hell.

Just one castle that the Queen uses only once a year or so. Like why not, let's get crazy! Let's own a empty scary palace:

That's the Shard of Glass - when finished in May 2012, it should be the tallest building in Europe. It looks so old. It looks so pointless. I really don't like it.
Nice shitty brown building in the background though (just to sound a bit positive):

The Tower of Lon...wait...again that ugly house is blocking the way. Conclusion: it's not a pretty house when you have a special urge to photoshop it away:

The Tower Bridge. I was brave until I saw a crack on the road where you could see the river below. I raaaaaaaaan offf!!:

Military show off:

This is a very special house: it has a roof and it has windows:

Are the people down there trying to form letters? Not sure if just walking or some kind of secret message:

All the British people have made an agreement that they are ignoring the cold weather as strongly as they can. Palm-trees + anti-stocking policy:

Yes, I've talked about this. Seems not stable, may cut in half:

Made one green picture, just because I want to grieve green leaves until they are coming back to Estonia (so until August then):

Maybe I like the colour blue, maybe I wish I could have a beer. Not sure.:

 Boris is a good green mayor:

The Mall. Not an ordinary mall as you see:

Our girlfriend Vicky:

Royal bling:



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regina said...

Like the Regina building especially...