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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Usually London gives me an headache, but as historian it gives me an orgasm.

I'm continuously trying to ignore the fact that I've moved away from the UK. As I'm not the biggest fan of this country, the people pull me back here - Fred, Ella and Reggie (Sam if you're reading this, know that you are greatly missed). Actually I've not moved away for good, because my apartment in Rochester is full of my belongings and it seems I'll be heading back there again and again. 
It's always lovely to land in London or Stockholm, as it feels like home. No fuss at the airport - where to go? what to do? - I just know. No language barrier. All this is good, but I desperately need to feel that excitement again, that you feel when you arrive somewhere you haven't been before. The thrills. The chills. Priceless.

Mandatory picture from the airplane:

This time things are a little bit different, I'm staying at Laura's and Reggie's, because I see them too rarely.
So we are living our champagne lifestyle with a Mõmmi lemonade budget here in East-London:

Usually London gives me an headache, but as historian it gives me an orgasm.
Despite trying to avoid regular tourist hotspots, Harrods is a must, just for the amusement how they call you Madame there: 

If you still did not get the hint:

The weather here is always two steps ahead from Tallinn:

I met with Laura a long time ago. We attended our friend's birthday, without actually speaking to each other. Once in 2009, we started to talk about my biggest dream then - studying in the UK. She had the same plans. Few weeks from that, we briefly met in the Old Town and she said: "Guess what! I'm moving to London next week!" I followed her here and we became even more close. Then in February 2011 Reggie came to visit me here in the UK. I introduced her to Laura:

Reggie was a schoolmate of mine, but I don't remember her before she started to date one of my friends (whose best friend was Fred). When Reggie was smooching with my friend, me and Fred spent a lot of time together - long story short, she is the main reason why Wilma and Fred are together. Reggie moved in with Laura here in London. Now they are in Egypt and we are staying at their apartment in London. After Egypt she will be heading back to Amsterdam. 
Complicated much?

On Thursday we went to Plastic People to see Silkie


While waiting Fred to arrive at Victoria station, I did some scenery pictures:

Another night, another make up:

Another night, another drinkies:

Choosing the right disco make-up. The winner was the third one in the third row:

The girl is ready to boogie:

Warm up at B-by-B. Reggie's friends from Sweden came by. Laura is singing "Say my Name" from Destiny's Child and I'm giving respect to her:

Meet Carolina and her fabulous hair:

The crew all together. (I stole some pictures from The Queen of Fashion)

She hasn't been in Estonian for about one year, but she is still sticking to her roots:


Walking towards Alibi - a club in Dalston:

They were drinking their favourite Special K:

Creepy creepers combo:

They are enjoying the Double Decker ride:

Not sure if haven't heard before or...:

Random lamp is random:

We arrived at Alibi - it's nothing fancy, but still a better love-story than any other club in Tallinn (yep, I compared Estonian clubs with Twilight):

Not sure if 20 or 6 year old:

The porn loop:

Today we sent Reggie and Laura off to Egypt. It feels weird not having them around.
Loads of love. xx

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