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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Minu kodumaa, niiiiiiiiiiii ilus

All I ever post about these past few weeks is some random lowtech fashion shows and nothing else. It seems I live my life rather modestly when my Mister is not around, even for me the Valentine's day was Single Awareness day. This week my Honey-Boo-Boo is back in town (caps lock needed). 

Another thing is: I really miss living in England, because spring is the most beautiful time there. We have just snow here, yes. I really must stop bitching about the weather, it's all we ever talk about.

I know that this is a rather wuss duckface, but I'm slowly getting there:

Tried to do the classic Swedish hair bun, but only 30% of my hair is reaching there. Y U NO GROW?!:

 Can you tell that my eyesight has become blurry? Tomorrow I have my doctor appointment, it's time to stop mocking the blind with 0-glasses:

Fuck the snow. He + Tallinn = a beautiful sight that can't be seen very often:

I'm scared of swans, they give me the creeps:

Midsummer in Eastern-Europe:

It's been a pleasure to be so busy this week. On Friday we are going to a SPA and we are celebrating Kaur's birthday the whole week. Life's good right now.

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