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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Moelennuk 2012

How much fiishon can you take? My annoying friend invited me to the Moelennuk 2012, as I can't say no to him, I had to go. It was held in Kopli and it was very lovely to visit my primary school hood. To my surprise this event was held in a old warehouse which was cold as ice (I think everyone is still bitching about it), I felt it in my fingers, I felt it in my toes.  

I'm visualising my boyfriend naked:

These naked ladies had to walk in -5 degrees (yes, still bitching about the Siberia):

A bottle of wine and a cap of Tallinn French Lyceum. šenijal, I say!:

Don't know maybe it's the horny person inside of me talking, but I really liked this one. The only collection with 100% male model participation:

Harry Potter was one of the jury members:

As it was cold and the power went off, we had to fritter away time. This is the main reason why we acted silly and started to talk smack about certain people. Always when I meet up with Ian, I'm turning into Gossip Girl. :

The biggest joke of the evening, the cloakroom:

We might as well can be models too:

The power came back:

We have the same haircut, we have the same ex-boyfriend - as they say sharing is caring:

Eastern-Europe freezing fashion show, they love it:



Ian said...


regina said...

Lovely report!

I think I liked the Lycee Francais collection the most. Its wearable, chic, has a cool twist and the bow tie runs so well through the clothes.

The collection with the huge 70s collar at the front seems funky.

The knitted collection seems pretty and appropriate to the room climate..

Also agree that the guys collection looks good, also can't be sure that it's not the horniness talking.

Wilma Circus said...

Görl, we are horny.