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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Kuldlõige 2012 "Hello Africa"

It's time for Kuldlõige! This year it was truly awkward one, but in the end it was nice to meet my friends and have a good laugh about it.
 (The winner collection. Kätlin Haak & Anne Liis Puhk)

Before the show. It seems like I'm superhigh (maybe the show had been better then):

 I'm not coing to say anything. Apologies that I don't know the names of the authors  http://kuldloige.tumblr.com/tagged/osalejad

After show glory:


Anonymous said...

Why awkward?

Wilma Circus said...

When someone has a miniskirt and you can see her hoohoo on the runway; when they forgot to introduce one member of the jury; if it all starts and nobody enters the stage; if there's a another fail the host starts to ask questions from the people sitting nearby - actually he didn't ask anything they just said "Say something."; never has there been a empty seat at Kuldlõige, now there was; the awkward moment when a girl is singing and has a big ring on her finger, which interferes the signals between microphone and speakers and she is really bad at hiding it - just those moments when it's so awkward that you just look down because you feel embarrassed even if you didn't cause it.

And it's really awkward that you don't reveal your identity

Anonymous said...

Fair enough! Although it makes me kinda sad.. hope Kuldlõige can get back its ..power.

regina said...

Meigid on palju vingemad kui riided :D
Aga võidukollektsioon pole paha!!