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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Balls. Disco balls.

This Saturday I went to this birthday party and I must say I haven't seen that much food since my friends stopped having their b-days at McDonalds.
Chocolate fondue, native american clothes, Alias -you name it, we had it. Ps. Mister and Miss had a disco ball in their bedroom (quite a party, wink-wink).

Today I'm just sleepy and instead of studying, I have a special urge to read about the Middle-East. Ever had that problem? No? 

Second of all I'm having a total LOL moment today, because one of my dearest friend has a sure plan to become the voice for the Transport of Tallinn, you know "Next stop: *something cryptic*",  and he sent me the demo versions of it. I wet my pants twice!

Weather is shitty and I'm eager to recieve my wellies that I ordered from eBay.


Anonymous said...

Who is the hot guy in the wife-beater?

Wilma Circus said...

The Hot Guy works at Fish and Wine, so go check him out.