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Thursday, January 03, 2013

2012 going on 2013

Days have passed and hangovers have been cured, it is time to recap the New Years Eve. Lack of money and thereof made us stay home, but we did not let that ruin our fun. We dressed up, had a lovely dinner, did lead-pouring to find out next year's luck, went to the city to see fireworks and danced our feet off. Most importantly, we watched "Dinner for one" - could have we been even more classy? I think not.

How to trick people that you are good-looking:

The scary thing is that I have spent a lot of my New Year's Eve's in Stockholm, I guess I like to live it dangerously and love testing new things. What you gonna do, this is Stockhome:

Dinner with neighbours and I look like "Not sure if...or...":

 Acting way too Eastern European here, which means having only strong emotions towards alcohol:

Love it how my Mister is trying to push my stomach in.
Too much, too high
you eat, you die:

My German neighbour took with him traditional šnaps and yes, I am still wearing my Positivus wristband, sue me:

Did you know that Nike also produces glasses - TIL = today I learned:

Lead-pouring as it should be. Most of us got some weird sperm-alikes, but our fortune notes did not tell anything about that. Luckily I am getting a new car this year, thank God for that:

The hardest part is to find out what the hell it is. Telling future is hard. I don't believe in astrology or anything, but before I make new friends I ask their sign, just in case:

Sweetie pies:

On our way to Slussen to see the fireworks and celebrating Estonian New Year:

Sadly I have become fond of this vicious nerd:

Crowded much?:

I like big bangs and I cannot lie:

Best group-picture ever, nobody can complain about their ugly faces:

Just look at the picture, you can feel that it was a pure bliss:

While abroad and saying that someone looks like August Hunt is just confusing people:

Missed my high-heels, socks will do:

Each one of us has the same faces in our passport:

Trunk in the funk - Kärss leos:

Walrus and mysterious guy, who really likes pancakes:

I guess 2013 started quite well for him:

Sven is just trying to clear his eyes, because he can't believe that two girls are taking a dump on the dancefloor:

Here we love each-other and we are really close:

Kisses are meant to be shared:

Strong gratitude towards Aske Stick, who actually has an eye for taking pictures, not like the rest of us.
Happy New Year. Head uut aastat. Gott nytt år.

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