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Monday, January 21, 2013

Wake me up before you go-go

Well, well, well - I am not sure how to end this long and insufferable silence. My mood has been on a roller-coaster ride and here comes the reason why. Firstly my Significant Other left the Scandinavian grounds last week. We are used to not being in the same country, but at least one thing to appreciate now is that we are situated in the same continent. Still feeling sad that he is not present.
The miserable let's-wave-goodbye-and-wipe-our-tears-so-nobody-will-notice (and for your information everybody always notes your bloody red eyes). This madness continued all last week and keeps on doing so, because my sweet neighbours and lovely people around me are now scattered around Europe, since their time here was over. 
Before they went, we had three days long blurry madness, because "Why not, let's get crazy", but "Wake me up before you go-go"

tl:dr - Before new adventures can begin, here is last Thursday and our goodbye party.

Me and my partner in crime Georg started the evening quite early, like 6pm. I went down to help him pack. You could feel that it was a special occasion as I opened my expensive wine and used my classy 9.99 IKEA glasses: 

Listening everything from Beyonce till Blawan. Sucking air out of the bags (I will not explain this one, do your own thinking). 
Basically we were just waiting the alcohol to kick in. Spoler alert! we exceeded in that.

One moment we understood that it is time to go up, as our friends were starting to gather. On our way, it hit us that we might be one step ahead from others with our intoxication. Fine, one step turned out to be like thousand of steps. 
Whatever, rest still tried to keep up with me and Georg:

Monika - my Eastern Europe connection, who understands the art of the east side basically. She is the one to put a vodka made from pison pee on the table and say "Let's drink". 
Chloe is the one, who is also staying in Sweden with me. HALLELUJAH! I say:

Not sure if it portrays on the picture, but we were on another planet in that moment. Sadly we left everyone else back behind on the Earth:

Ending it on the 6th floor, as it all started:

I love when friends are holding me up. Stay classy!:

Also me and Georg ended up being in a relationship on Facebook. "It is complicated" was the particularly correct term, sadly we broke off the morning after:

It might come off as a bit wrong, but I did not lick anyone that evening as much I did Georg:

"Boys, let's make a picture...ohh...Sake!":

What. The. Fuck. 
The drunk mind wants, what the drunk mind wants - if it wants to ski in the hallway, then so be it:

She is apologising for the hideous earrings she was wearing:

We wrote each other something nice on the Swedish flag, of course I did it in Estonian:
"Pikka iga ja palju lapsi. Või mida iganes":

Drinking game, that I missed out on. 
Still Chloe's face is brilliant, I had a special urge to photoshop her face to all of the people on the picture:

There's a trip to Italy and Belgium coming up:

Nobody will appreciate "Vaginas" more than him:
A friend in need, is a friend indeed:

Before being in a relationship, we got along better:

One moment the sun rose.
The -20 degrees and also the massive pain in our hearts and heads kicked in:

Farewell, my ladies and gentlemen.

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