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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Friday at Kuhn's

New people have moved in. New Sven is Canadian. New Monika is from Hong-Kong. New Aske is French Camille (my saviour from boredom). Instead of Belgians there is a nice couple from Norway, where the guy is called Wind. So on and so on. 

On Friday we went to visit the third floor, because they appreciate some good time.

6th floor is rather dead now and SkyBar is moving towards bankruptcy:

A guy, that wants to send a thank you note to Apple for making iPhone such a great place to roll a joint on:

Camille has always "Not sure.." face on:

Good music connects people:

How many people Kuhn's place can handle? A whole lotta:

Tries to be a gangsta, but fails, because too cute:

Three of them know exactly what they are doing and one of them is almost there, but not quite yet:

The boy smells good or something:

Photobombed by a very energetic friend:

Men at work, do not interfere:

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