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Monday, June 03, 2013

Melissa's birthday

I now moved permanently back to Tallinn, and so did my Mister (yay!). Still cannot believe that we managed to keep up with the long distance relationshit for two years. It was completely sponsored by Skype and Ryanair. 
On wednesday night, straight from the airport we escaped to our summer cottage at Jäneda. Good food, nice weather, romance, late birthday, just bliss. Since my camera is so shitty and I desperately need a new one, tonnes of pictures got deleted and are missing. I already cried a river, therefore I'd rather talk about Melissa's birthday party.

Hip-hip-hurray to Melissa! Also let's praise her for good timing, since it is always nice to see our good friends in one place. Especially after a long time not seeing.

Our group is just born to be happy. 
(I am so listening some juicy slander behind there):


The Görrls (pronounce with Scottish accent)
We have same pictures in our passports:

As we were talking a lot about babies and marriage then...:

"Ott is not here":

How people know each other in Estonia.
Your best friend’s girlfriend is your English teacher’s daughter and they live next door to your grandparents, who were colleagues with your desk-mate, who is friends with your…

Back home completely sober and my Mister not so much.
Summer plans, hey ho!

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