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Monday, June 17, 2013

Tartu. The funeral of Kink Konk.

Two weeks ago Kaur, Sam, Madis and I took the train to Tartu. The club Kink Konk was closing down and last stupid, yet fun deeds had do be done. The trip was utterly awesome, since the last time I was in Tartu was in 2011 august. I can only stay in Tartu two days at a time, because my liver starts to protest and says "STAPH!"

KLMN, Valentin Nebukat and MaVa.
By that point Samuel had been up 38 hours in a row. He had outside body experience:

Surprisingly Harri joined us and he even bought a ticket (he rather climbs, crawls and jumps, if it helps him to get in without paying):

First sober Tartu in my life, but still "Give me that bloody bottle for picture time.":

Sõbra Combo - getting intoxicated together :

Harri is examining the construction of the house, although his eyes weren't that reliable: 


"Seaputs" luule by Vaime Puue:

McDonald's drive-in with imaginary cars at 4 AM just before getting on a bus to Tallinn:

"Su Woodstock on läbi, Hipi.":

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