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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Haigla party - enjoying the possibility to party outdoors. DVPH live.

How many times have I done these "Back in Tallinn" post? I actually lost the count myself, although now I am here to stay. Since I am on a holiday, the only plan is to wing it as it comes.
After whining about my shitty camera, I finally got a Nikon photo-camera  I am so in love with it.  From now on you will see the raise on quality and fall of quantity. Word.

Last Saturdays was the third warm day in a row. Emotions were rather up for an Estonian, therefore party was a must. Haigla had an outdoor get-together, where DVPH did their live.
Also the apple trees are in bloom:

Maybe you did not see me well, this from another angle:

The weird tourist feeling when you walk around your own hometown:

Samuel was waiting us at the Town Hall.
Since I did not have my glasses on, I did not see what he did here:

Tour d'ÖÖ (is soon):

We arrived at Telliskivi and had our own private party in one abandoned corner. 
Bread with pesto and slightly warm beer: 

Not trying to be stereotypical, but he loves beer:

Sam looks like an Italian guy lost in the North:

We arrived to Haigla like 6pm and we did not move like eight hours all together. Just the trains passing by and massive beats with wicked incoming were rather enjoyable: 

Like sitting in a big-big-big living-room with your friends:

The alcohol is cheap.
Hooray! Hooray!:

I am holding a beer to kill the rumour about my pregnancy.
It is false, although I do not drink alcohol for a little time. Not that big of a deal:

Then came Kurgijook (do not confuse yourself with Korgijook):

Thinking about the new trains that start running on July:

Triin is back from Helsinki and Wilma is back from Stockholm.
Fuck Nordic, cheer up for Tallinn:

The best place to invest - buy a disco lamp: 


I have my Triins nearby. My tits are out. Somebody's laughing. 
Seems like a great party:

A true diamond of nights (delicious bra btw):

The sentence "You are drunk" came by surprise for them:

Lauri killed it there:

"Aplaus" - "Käed üles":

Peeing in a posh place:

Tomorrow to Tartu. Okou.

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