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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Ooh-la-la! Adventures in Paris continue.

Being absolutely fabulous in Paris continues. 
Overly attached tourist carries on 
with her blog post about Paris. 
Never explain, never complain - here is my Saturday there.

First things first, a very French balcony picture in the morning.
There I realised, why French aren't fat - they would not fit on their tiny balconies. 
The homeland of the skinny:

Metro signs reminded me of an amusement park 
and its Scary House signs.
Gröna Lund was like everywhere:

Notre Dame, a product that Hugo made some good branding for:

They were just minding their own business and taking a shower, 
while hundreds of people were taking pictures of them.
How rude! No privacy whatsoever:

The couple behind me was making babies just a second earlier.
I salute sexual tension in front of the church:

Tea, I adore it. 
My good friends are well informed of the fact,
 therefore I do not have to buy tea before year 2016.
But kettles...MOAR MOAR! 
(I do recommend this shop owned by a cute Chinese family, 

We walked around with Kät, talking about boys and toys - 
the usual girl combo.
Suddenly I stopped and asked "Is this a canned food store?"
Oh, yes it was! A random act - we went in. 
While usual tourist take home cheese and wine from France,
 then I bought canned food. Simples.

 Jardin du Luxembourg:

Le memm ja le taadu:

The luxurious life in Paris portrays a way, where a store, 
that presumably is selling jewellery or cars ( the usual € stuff), 
turns out to be a chocolate shop.
The gorilla is made only from chocolate:

My second love after Chloé.
Must get my hands on!:

"Choco - poco - sugar - loops" - the slogan of Paris:

Arc de Triomphe:

I fell in love with the garden markets.
Only thing missing were garden gnomes travelling (Amelie reference):

In the evening we went to visit Laura, a friend of mine from Stockholm (Erasmus love).
Burgers and wine, OUI! OUI! OUI!:

Laura's view.
Not bad, not bad at all:

The best feeling, when I realised
 that I wasn't an overly attached tourist.
Even the French got excited about the Eiffel, 
although they see it every day.
Ginger, blonde and brunette - they all love it:

East meets west, yet again:

Dj iPad "Ghetto life":

Cute as a button and fierce as French:

Met Karl Laumets doppelgänger Gustav.
Must meet again!

Chez Georges - Levikas with more wine and French people.
I was stunned by how loudly people were singing along, 
when Édith Piaf came on. 
The most powerful moment from that trip, hands down!

I see little hearts...do you?

Merci, Laura! Puss-puss.

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