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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Voila Paris! Day 1.

Now something completely different, 
here is a story of my trip to Paris. Day 1.

In November Ella and I came up a perfect plan 
how to visit Kätlin (as in Meowlin) in Paris.
Us three would have felt like the musketeers there, 
however it did not turn out this way.
That is to say Ella managed to find her dream job somewhere in between. 
Changing jobs, no time to waste - hate those successful bitches!
Anyhow, I revolted and despite it all flew out alone.

Next comes a commercial message - I love Lufthansa, I really really do!
"Tallinn, Au revoir!":

I flew via Frankfurt, which is always Zuuuupppaaahh! and landed in Paris quite late in the evening.
Since Kät lives basically next to the Eiffel, then it was really hard to miss it.
Therefore embrace yourselves, a lot of Eiffel pictures coming up!:

I must say that I experienced a 'historian orgasm'. 
It seems I am really into these things, hence I study the right subject. How weird! 

Haussmann, I salute your rigorous ways of building up Paris.
(He would have come in handy when it was time to build the EKA new building in Tallinn):

The asthmatic I refused to climb up there,
but I felt powerful on the ground as well:

Floral backpack, braided hair - cannot believe that girl is 22: 

Paris needs a Ginger Spice straight from London:

Macaroons here, macaroons there. How very French.
I prefer not to eat them, but they sure are an eye-candy:

Anonymous bakers.
'Sweet' is their middle name:

The centre of Paris is rather small or the correct word would be 'reachable'.
As a result we did not use any metro the whole day, just walked the walk. 

väga lamp

My new short hair has the life on its own
(I was really happy, since back at home it was -24°C degrees):

Despite the smell of pee and the decorations of turds,
Paris truly is a very romantic city.

Wide alleys don't make you feel claustrophobic
like other big cities tend to do (sounds like I'm a poor peasant girl from the East):

Why Catleene (she has more aliases than you could ever imagine) is in Paris?
She works in Cerruti. Very fiiiiishon.
Everything you see on the right side is made by her:

After we visited Cerruti studios, we went to & Other Stories.
I bought myself the most beautiful lingerie, to bring little bit the romantic Paris back home with me.
"Kissing a random woman here":

They really do not speak English. Everything actually is as illogical as it could be.
It all is true, what you have heard!:

Golden girls live the golden life:

If you have a dog that poops money,
Paris is the best place for you to be. 
A shopping mall:

Place de la Concorde through acid eyes:

Oh, la, la!
We had so much fun, but even the strongest need their rest,
so we walked back home to this:

As you see, I now on only shop at H&M group stores:

A little cigarette on the balcony, yet very french:

Misty was browsing Facebook, while I disturbed him:

On a French note (that sounds really Asian)

to be continued...

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