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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Stockhome in January

Ungefär tre gånger om året har jag konstig önskan att skriva blogg inlägget på svenska. Annars förlorar jag ur minnet hur det språket går - bara att titta på Topmodel Sverige funkar inte (Kät, du vet vad jag menar).
Jag ska inte tappa mig i fåniga detaljer, men hemma bra, Sverige bäst.

Writing in English is so overrated.
A trip to Stockholm - place that has a very special spot in my heart.

Varje flicka
har sin egen smink finka.
Maybe she is born with it?:

Unusual winter in Stockholm.
Norden är naken:

Only place on Earth where I feel safe near water. If I should fall, someone would catch me.
Skit nära:

Have you felt like "That is the place for me?" - I have.
Jag bör helst flytta tillbaka:

The "old" looks like it has just come out from the conveyer belt.
Hur fan är allt så rent?

Hot Air Balloon - on my to-do list: 

How very atheistic of us, that we forgot the bank holiday (mostly religious)
Even the dog is on holiday.
Tretton dagen:

A day off means mothers, fathers, uncles, grandparents and children are ice skating.
Is is is is is:

Weekday, Granit and Muji.
Clean. Black. White. Simple circle:

#nomakeup #justcamefromtheshower:

On a Swedish note:

On a Nordic note:

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