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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Busy bees catching honey.

The story how I started at Must Puudel, yet ended at club Hollywood dancing to Linkin Park. 
Success level - Viive 46.

Basically my colleagues and I were celebrating one year anniversary. The temporary summer job idea has reached the dizzy heights for me. Like one night stand evolves into serious relationship. Who would have known?

The Queen Bee of my department and I.

Rapunzel never tells the secret about her hair: 

The party organisers are threatening us "To have fun, or else..."

Luckily we take fun very seriously:

Our job is like trying to keep a very fast and furious sports car on the road:

It was difficult not to laugh:

Giving out free hugs:

Sisters Act, Whoopi Goldberg did a fine job:

Spice Girls:

Our hands were living the life on their own:

When a wild fork appears:

Everybody's showing how many drinks have they had:

A friend with a credit card yells "It's my shout!":

I skipped the tanning salon date we had that morning:

Accidental twerk and Miley Cyrus tongue:


Now few chapters are missing from my camera, but not from my memory. Long story short - a few English chavs tried to flirt with my manager and I took over the translator roll between them. One moment she went to club Studio with the others and I carried on talking with *insert random British names here*. It was pretty textbook situation: Eastern European girl meets British boys, astonishes them  with her knowledge of English language (yes, I speaky) and London nightlife (what were the odds, that one of them loved Alibi? Thanks Ella and my year in London). After few vodka shots, they were even more excited, when I told them that there IS a difference between how vodkas tastes. 

Yes, Fred always knows about these things and approves with a single "LOL"on Whatsapp, when I clarify what is going on. Especially when I texted "I'm at club Hollywood and dancing to Linkin Park. Vodka is pouring and chavs are funny". Or maybe it was written like this: "I'maei hat cllubey Houllly, linkhg park yay. Gode save thye Qurnns!"
Why all the fuzz? That night I did not spent any money. Living my champagne lifestyle with Mõmmi lemonade budget.

The Hollywood for me was too much and I literally ran away. Sorry, guys.
I met up Fred and Ms.O next to Kaarli church, I apologised for my sins and we carried on with the adventures.

It was like 3am and angel Reggie fell on our path. 
The pretty boy on the left sang to "Olen alkohoolik ja ma ei karda kedagi.":

Exactly one Sam was missing to make that night even more fun!

Last time I was this drunk was when I fall down from Marie Laveau stairs and broke my foot. 
I danced well, but walked badly:

Drink up, baby, look at the stars.
maybe we'll meet again between the bars:

"The morning after I found myself tucked in bed,
with the taxi ride memory gone from my head."
At 6am they put me on a taxi and sent me home and carried on partying. 
Fred came home like 8am. I just cannot keep up with the young people:

Drinking is borrowing happiness from the next day, kids!

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