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Sunday, December 06, 2015

Little Italy. Little Lidingö.

Year 2012-2013 I lived in Stockholm and did an Erasmus exchange at Stockholm University - also known as one of the best decisions of my life. My neighbours at Lidingö student housing were my partners in crime, together we danced on the rooftops and chased hamsters in the bathroom. 
Sense it makes none? Just know that we had tonnes of fun.
And this weekend I had a mini Lidingö reunion and bus could swim!

We met August 2012. It was the day we had just moved in and our furniture was in the progress of being installed, our rooms were very empty and sad. People started wandering around on corridors and the Italian and I were among them. We took a cardboard box and turned it into a dining table and our family dinner tradition was founded. A lovely friendship was founded.:

There's no room a IKEA scented candle can't fix.
(By the way it was 12 degrees outside today as it was on the Midsummer Eve this year, 
in other words weather is fucked up):

Oh, the lucky day to be in bed with two gentlemen:

The party is just a blurry metro ride away:

Accidentally we ended up at a Italian party and learned some new words, like Papa Mobile.
(and sorry about the blurry faces, December is so dark and makes me use flash photography...):

The most tourist tourist picture with the King's crib:

The 2AM walk home, 

The next day the Lidingö duo became a trio.
Our lovely Swiss joined us. Such much catching up to do:

Little flashback to year 2013.
Lidingö Skybar - the best place on Earth:

And the view was also pretty neat:

Until we meet again!:

Nobody canna cross it!

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