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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A week at the East Side

Today I will take my luggage full of vodka and sausages on a boat back to snowy Stockholm. The motivation battery is charged and body has collected more fat than is allowed. But before I go-go, here is a little summary of my productive visit to the East side.  Beware of high quantity of selfies with friends (endlid sõpradega). 

Not long after we arrived I was sitting together with my friends 
and wild vodka shots appeared into my hands out of nowhere:

Triin was cool before I ever was, because she started wearing black long before I did.
Sadly I had to go through colourful rainbow and fluffy phase 
before I moved to Scandinavia and realised that the only real colour is black.

Catching up at its finest.
His poker face, when we ask if he has a girl interest at the moment:

My naive me thought that I can keep up with the East side,
however I puked the next day and almost died.
Usually in Sweden you have a 2% beer not 40% of liquid lunch:

Just a picture to look back on when we are old and don't have any teeth left:

"Džešuš, thank you for making us pretty!":

The moment when he just wants to shake hands,
but I am a lean mean 
hugging machine:

Sorry but not sorry that I have so many pictures from that night,
first of all I was intoxicated enough to forget that I have an analog camera 
and second of all if you meet Epp after I-don't-even-know-how-many years you just have to make a sõbrakas:

Epp is analysing Ott's poker face.
"Does he shit me or shit me not."

Like said I was dying the day after, yet pulled myself together for Star Wars movie.
Which was awesome. Yes. We're big fans. Even with hangover. No pics, too ugly.

Did you know that Tallinn has the coolest restaurants with quality food?
In Stockholm you choose between Maxx hamburgers, ICA sandwich or meal that cost more than your house, 
yet food itself is nothing special and you could have done it yourself at home.
I truly enjoyed my Christmas holiday:

Gone with the wind beautiful:

Nothing says Tallinn Old Town Christmas Market than 
Russian lady trying to sell you amber figures:

A fellow Estonian from Sweden visiting the homeland.
We ice-skated until our legs and asses hurt: 

A little hot chocolate before we go-go:

Meeting up with friends is the best,
now I'm seriously thinking about buying false lashes, because this is just ridiculous,
I'm like naked:

In the previous post (click) you already saw what my baby brother and I were up to 
(we love dressing-up and escaping from the reality).
Home alone:

Also I got a new haircut.
Short is better, saves shampoo:

The only hairdresser I trust and only friend who's warmer than the Sun:

Hair so short, but friendship so long.
Me and Kupi:

My fountain of youth is my lil bro and her friends.
No shame of googling 'Justin Bieber penis':

3AM and we are still so fresh and beautiful:

Since Fred managed to fell ill, we even slept in different rooms and 
this was the only kiss I got in Estonia:

Quick 4h meeting with my ex boss.

"So you're telling me that you're going away again?"
"Yes, but I will come back, I just don't know when."
*sad eyes*

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