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Saturday, January 31, 2015

January jam.

My long lost friend wrote me a letter this week and asked how I was doing. While I composed a response, I understood that life is pretty fucking awesome right now.
 Of course there is a lack of university degrees and surplus of female hormones, but that just keeping the reality in and fairy tale out.

First of all it is fantastic to attend a surprise birthday party
 that has the most astonishing serving ever:

Since the birthday boy and co are going skiing in Austria, 
there is only one way of taking vodka shots:

It has been a while since I attended a birthday party 
that had separate table for kids (us) and grown-ups (them):

"I miss birthdays parties that are held at McDonald's" 
that's what he said:

Then we sneaked out to have 2.7% beer.
Rebel is our middle name:

The madame on the picture tried to dance with everyone. 
Here the DJ politely tries to decline:

Few days later I went along to see the Misters' band practise.
Only thing they need and trust is electricity:

They are going to Tallinn Music Week and needed an inviting and exciting profile picture.
I recommended them to take their shirts off, but they did not listen.

I got bored and made more selfies than should be allowed. 
Biggest fan:

"Human, you are annoying":

The biggest and coolest dog I have ever met:

No time to make band pictures.
Dogs before bros:

A little glimpse of Riga and working abroad.
However my winter vacation just started and I'm heading to Copenhagen.

For the sake of dog:

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