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Monday, March 02, 2015

Long time no see - weekend

In year 2012 I moved to Stockholm and met a lot of 
amazingly crazy people there. 
The main loco-poco-sugar-loops ones 
lived at Lidingö student housing. 

Few weeks ago one of my dearest neighbour and Lidingö family member (oh, the dinners) wrote me that he is coming to Estonia. !!! I cannot describe how excited I became, mainly because I hadn't seen my Italiano for two years and secondly, no one ever (like never ever) comes to Tallinn.

We became quite nostalgic, because, well
"the Times we had" (also looks like I'm giving him the finger...):

So jelly that Daniele is back in Stockholm now,
 although this time, easy breezy Erasmus is replaced with hard knock master's degree. 
He has new friends now, with whom he can listen "Nobody gonna cross it":

My Tallinn. 
If there would be night busses and gay marriages, 
it would be the best place in the world.

That afro and that smile gave so much positive feelings.
I'm literally still glowing!
Now I want to fly to Germany, Austria and basically all around the Europe 
to catch up with my Lidingö people. (Nigga, nigga, nigga, please):

Or they all are so very welcome here.
Come to the East side, we have Lenin!:

Talking about long time no see.
On Sunday Ella knocked on my door without any warning.
I cried a little. I freaked out a little.
We almost made a mix tape, but not quite yet.
Love her to bits:

I'm so emotional right now, 

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