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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tronden at Tallinn Music Week

My Mister is somewhat into music.
 He has come a long way from pants tucked into his socks 
and playing dubstep at clubs that looked like Tallink karaoke bar. 
Then came his alias Espirit. Don't want to brag (hell, yes I want!), but his most known song was about me. 
Although a lot of panties were thrown at him from the crowd, he never played that song live. 
Years passed, preferences changed and improvements were made.
Then he asked our friend Ott to give him some extra kicks on the drums.
Ott kicked so hard that Espirit died and Tronden was born.

On Thursday they played at Baltic Scene TMW showcase together with other great musicians:

Cute as a button:

Rododendron is that you?

It was unbelievable that Ott broke his hand at their ski-trip to Austria just month before.
Hospitals. Screws. Fuck pain. 
Rehabilitation with drums, definitely doctors orders: 

The three of us spend so much time together that it is unclear which one am I dating?
People have asked me, how my boyfriend Ott is doing.
Such. Much. Confusion.
My boyband:

I serve as their photographer, drumstick holder, stuff carrier, crowd handler/the front of the stage manager 
(I clap, I jump and scream. I step closer, when others are afraid to).
A.k.a the biggest fans:

The day after Tronden at Jooks TMW Citystage:

And now ten times more famous.


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