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Thursday, March 19, 2015

My Mister's birthday

Every year it gets tougher and tougher to get him a present, just a kiss is not enough anymore.
This year we celebrated that he still has no facial hair, but at least he got a cool board game.
It's so cool that it takes 6hours to play. (cannot wait to play! seriously!)
The brekkie:

I took a day off, but he had some emergency recording to do.
It gave me just enough time to turn my ugly into pretty.
It was such a special day that I took my Miistas out for a walk.

Our 16th birthday we were probably eating fast noodles and drinking vodka. 
Now we have reached a certain age, when food gets higher importance than alcohol. 

My two favourite days annually are his and, of course, my birthday

Miista makes the world go round:

Two days later we found out that the Weston's on the table is only 4.6%.
I was disappointed.
Sam laughed at my fail.
Ott called 1188 and asked "Wtf?":

90% of koorekiht:

It's basically his sixth birthday together with me...
not even funny anymore, but we're cute tho:

The last ones standing.
My safety guards:

He is so fucking charming that girls cannot resist his jokes and his beauty!
I love him so so so so much!

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