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Sunday, June 07, 2015

The last one

This week was my last day at work, or as I like to think of it: my three month hiatus has begun. It is so easy to quit, when your job sucks donkey balls, however I truly madly deeply (Savage Garden rules) fell in love with my work. Before stepping out I cried like a little girl cutting onions. Hey, don't roll your eyes like that! It's really true. H&M makes you feel like a Simba, you feel like you could be the king of world. 

How lucky was I that my last day at work happened to be a press day/open house at the Showroom.
If you're going away, leave with a bang (here I am awkwardly standing just minutes before it began):

As I cannot take pictures at the store, I show you what I do in the Showroom.
A week or days before I rearrange the layout and mannequins. 

While doing my job I'm thinking "I want that and that and that and that...":

Maybe I could fit that dress into my closet 
(actually I just conquer my Misters drawers one by one until he moves out to the garage)

On the press day I steam, I scream, I fear.
I'm always ready to clear the last minute emergencies:

We already have Autumn collection in, since most of the magazines shoot their issues before 
going on summer holiday. This time ladies collection is accompanied by the "Mini-Me" garments.
(My ovaries exploded from the cuteness)

Everything is always aesthetically pleasing.
(Glasuur on kõige nämmum alati)

H&M Home fits in perfectly: 

It's not only clothes and accessories it is so much more.
When Mister Wang wants a foosball table he must has it. 
If we need mysterious mist, then we go to AGA and buy frozen nitrogen which creates this.
It's all about freaky details:

My co-workers seem to think I'm funny.

A rocket bag which is a must-have-this-season:

Also pink big hats are very in this autumn:

Well, sad that it's over. 
New adventures bring it on!!

Also my boss is the inspiration for the Destiny's Child song "Independent Woman". 
Paula, you are the best and your jam is jamming hard!

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