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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Laughs and giggles with the Tooth Fairy and the Frenchie. a.k.a Best friends.

Triin had returned to Motherland from Paris, Karl had a brief week off from school and I had a day off from work - too perfect to be true! 
We don't meet often, but when we do then AIAIAIIAIAAAJUHUUHUIII!

All laughs and giggles. 
Especially when Karl told us he swallowed his tooth the day before:

They two have come a long way. 
The bitch met him before I did, whatever. Not jelly:

So sweet. So funny. So loving. So tall. So handsome.:

Few months ago Karl agreed to star in a movie, in which the sound engineer happened to be my Mister 
and he was nice enough to show us the film. 
We acted accordingly and almost rolled out the red carpet.

Living our champange lifestyle with Mõmmi lemonade budget:

The artwork.
*the moment when the toilet potty broke and Karl's nipples could cut the wall*
Sense? it makes none:

The balcony was the main station for discussions,
"Karl's acting on screen. Does he have a weird voice?"
"First time we are all in relationships. How's the ship rockin'?"
"Alcohol. What else could we mix in this drink?"
"People we hate."
"People we love."
"Paris. Vigala. "
"Let's get a drink."
"Who get's the next round?"

The older you get the better you get, unless you're a banana.
I baked a cheesecake (like Golden Girls do), my Mister cooked us delicious fish 
and I opened my oldest and most expensive wine I had. This event calls the finest celebrations!
"Oh, the Irony":

Friends will comfort you when you screw up.
Best friends will laugh uncontrollably and point fingers at your boo-boo:

Instantly when I see their faces I get a craving for alcohol.
Pavlov reflex at its finest:

The moment when you think you are the sexiest beast alive, 
but actually you look like this:

Individually we are pretty lively,
but together we are like "Hide ya wives and hide ya children" crazy:

Also big thanks to my Mister, who still wants to be together with me
and welcomes my friends the best possible way.
Stay strong, my love:


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