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Monday, June 15, 2015

Almost summer but not quite yet.

Shitty ski weather everyday. 
Sorry, I just have to bitch about this cold summer weather:

Only thing hinting that it's summer is the bloom of allergies:

Although it's cold for us, the Finns enjoy their southern getaway to Estonia.
This time Eero visited me and I welcomed him the most primitive way I could - with cheap beer and cigarettes. Hõissa!

Picnic and natural smile:

The day after another Finn JuuuHuuuu came to Estonia.
After two hours silent walk he said "Moi!".
Two hours later he melted completely and came us the biggest smile he could.
(Erasmus was one of the greatest experiences. Go and apply. Get Finnish friends):

It's too cold outside but luckily Ott got a big bowl that is best for making hot human soup:

The smell of lilacs - the best there is:

Also Karl started a riot:

Ester was as sweet as always:

A little duck shower before we go-go

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