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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Two weeks time in Stockhome

We have been living in Stockholm for two weeks now. 
So far so good.

Chapter 1 - Settling in

Stereotypes are meant to be broken,
yet we have been to IKEA twice already.
Little plant, little candles, little more shit you actually don't need:

The second trip to IKEA was bit more important, since I've been having serious cluster headaches and was in need for a supporting pillow. Together with Fred's computer blowing up these might be the most serious setbacks we have had:

If the meal costs 29:- and refill drinks are for free,
you do not complain:

Chapter 2 - Exploring around 

Well, I'm now proud driving licence holder and enjoying it to the max.
And traffic in Sweden is grrreat:

One day I took Fred to Sigtuna, a town I happened to visit during super exciting field trip two years ago. Viking age stones! STONES! STONES EVERYWHERE! (no hard feelings Mr.Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies):

Swedes are good at a lot of things, but hell how I missed their bakery.
A minute on my lips, lifetime on my hips (but it's so good):

Oh, Dšeišus, how many kanelbullar I have had.
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Sigtuna is this A.Lindgren book-perfect little town:

Chapter 3 - Fred's uni and the reason why we are here.

One step into masters degree. KTH is nothing like Stockholm uni, where I studied. He has classes everyday and assignments every night. Although I'm glad that he can finally experience the true campus life that in the UK he didn't have. True joy is to see him coming home late at night intoxicated (so beautiful, I gonna cry). I try not to tag along, so he can have his own Stockholm experience (hopefully he manages not to fall down from stairs).

Chapter 4 - Home

Thanks to Eero we have a cheap and cheerful place to stay until December. Room is nice (it's small, but we have a spare mattress for friends, hint-hint) and with IKEA plants and candles extra nice. We have shared kitchen, but it is so clean and well maintained that I just saw my neighbour washing rubbish bins with soap and warm water. 
Just next to us is this royal castle, a good reason for start jogging again:

Chapter 5 - Free time / Party

Considering the amount of free time I have and the fact that Fred is on the "Let's-Socialize" train, we have been exploring the night life a lot. The first second at the Trädgården queue we were offered Cherry Vodka by friendly Germans/French/Polish people and free drinks thereon:

Jan Schulte was playing that night and we finally thanked him for the heavenly set he made at Kuru Plirr. He was madly happy  about our approach and I was smiling the whole evening through.
(should have also apologised for the fact that Swedes cannot mix whatsoever. Fred got a heart attack):

Trädgården is only opened for the summer time and was closed this weekend, 
thus we wanted to visit the place as much as we could. 
As you see it is a club under a traffic bridge:

I'm taking part of "No alcohol in September" and enjoying my caffeine.
Soberity has made me look like a twelve year old: 

Japan puked on the stage:

Being grateful for the night metro service:

Hello, Mr.Martyn:

See you next summer:

Chapter 6 - Food

Yesterday we went to my grandfather's place on an island far far away 
and had a "Welcome back" cake:

We're good and healthy:

Local Lidl. Local Säästumarket.
For the poor:

Chapter ? - Job

I still don't have a job. One minute I'm panicking and the other minute I'm calm -
constantly repeating myself:

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