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Sunday, September 06, 2015

Pidustused-lõbustused. Ott's birthday is bigger than Christmas.

I've explained you before Why Ott is the best (link).
Now I'll show you the annual O Festival pictures.
Beware of poco-loco-sugar-loops.

High heels off, hair undone,
I'm ready for tonight:

Finally got the chance to meet the legendary Chris
and he lived up to his title. 
Maybe I killed him with some Beyoncé moves later on, so sorry:

Actually people hang out with Ott, because he has such an awesome dog:

My O Festival party kit consist of super comfortable and pimpin' bathrobe.
(Sorry Ilves family that I broke the Nike flip-flops.)

Find the difference with the last picture.
Yes, my glass is a bit emptier.:

My favourite dish - big bowl of boys:

I want to squeeze him like I squeeze my toothpaste tube,
I love him so:

They were my centre, when I spun away:

"I came in like a wrecking ball.":

Powerpuff girls:

"EARTHQUAKE! Find a safe place":

And now time for Borjomi water shots:

Nancy - Hellalt hoia mind x 100:

The next day I had some difficulties, luckily Ott's parents went to berry picking 
and dropped me off at Vääna-Jõesuu, so I could meet this lovely lady after five years apart.
She lives now in Australia and turned into vegan lesbian (and I was just thinking about bacon):

Our 9th grade graduation (totally hetero meat lovers back then):

Later on I met up with my dad and kissed my Tibi goodbye (I will miss her the most):

Talking about old pictures, let's remind us about...

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