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Monday, September 21, 2015

Eternal third wheel

Last week from Monday until Sunday it was never-ending fun day, 
because Mr.O came to visit.
Three weeks apart is no joke, we missed our eternal third wheel:

"Fuck work, fuck warm countries, I'll spend my vacation in Sweden":

Very happy boys at a bar:

COS had a Men Autumn season launch,
of course we went there and drooled all over the place:

Free drinks and food might have had a huge reason why we went there:

The more the merrier.
On Thursday evA joined the Estonian band wagon in Stockholm, yo:

Not so primitive culture trip to Moderna Museet.
It was nuts!:

For Ott eleven cups a day
keep doctor away:

Embrace yourselves, the autumn is coming:

Beautiful smiles
(however it was so windy and chilly that they were shivering like broken vibrators):

Blocking the stairs at metro is all that we do.
Stand on the right?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!

Life is so much happier in a pixelated world:

"Friday, Friday.
Gotta get down on Friday":

Show with your fingers how many drinks you have had
(I'm so confused 1-4-20?!):

Cucumber drink makes you cuck-oo: 

Am I drunk or is this Lord of the Rings movie?

Tžanel A/W 2015:

Michael Gorš A/W 2015:

Self-portrait after 1AM:

Teaching "Ossi Kükk for Dummies"...:

...a.k.a. "Squat A-B-C":

Then we waited 1h in the queue. Learned some Spanish. Laughed at each others silly ID pictures.
 Talked with strangers. Aaaaaand got in to see balloons and hairy DJ:

Next day was tough and quiet, 
since being drunk means borrowing happiness from the next day :

Waiting for evA to give out kanelbullar.
The ultimate hangover cure:

Is it just me or does the longboard make him even more sexy?:

Dark nights:

Too cool
for school:

Mad man:

Fun week over, dull one ahead: 

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