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Friday, January 01, 2016

My year 2015 from July to December.

Happy New Year! 
I try to ignore my slight hangover and continue with the marathon post of summing up 2015 (the part I is here )

1. Island getaway to Hiiumaa Krossa.
Our friend has an annual birthday festival, without any notice 
everyone will book the ferry tickets to Hiiumaa in the first weeks of July:

The famous Hiiumaa floating dog:

No wifi. No stress:

2. Random hobbies you plan to pick up, but...don't. 
Lack of time and talent:

3.  Hagi in town.
When your bitch lives in London and you only meet twice a year,
then there's this awkward silence when it's the third date in 2015.

4. Kuru Plirr - electronic forest rave.
Nature, love and techno.
(photo credit: Helēna Spridzāne (I guess)):

The festival was safe, the giants were looking after us:
(photo credit: Heikki Leis (not sure))

Hide yo wife, hide yo kids,
turn off your phone and chill:

No summer without field pictures:

Kuru makes you fly around:

Spermatozoid and friends:

The original three stripes and ossikükk:

When the photographer is smoking while taking a picture,
no photoshop needed:

and back to town:

5. Hoes before bros.

Found my G-spot:

6. Another island getaway, this time Saaremaa.
The Tallie had a birthday:

I passed my ARK theory exam that day.
Yes, I went to Kuressaare to take one. Tunne oma kodumaad!
I was not the only one with success story, it was a great day for them too:

Golden girl:

Moscow fashion week:

The favourite places in the whole wide world - the theatre backstage.
A dollah makes us hollah:

The people you meet in the queue for toilet.

Game of Thrones the Estonian edition 
(without the rape and killing, we just stand silently and hate):

In the daytime she is Wilma,
by night she turns into Super Sheep:

7. I only take my camera out, when it's someone's birthday.
Martha threw a serious beach party for us. 
TOP 5 drunk nights of 2015:

I wish that her wishes that she wished will come true
and I wish her wishes would give her power to wish even greater wishes:

8. Then August came and went to Jõgeva to take my ARK practical exam
and passed!!!
WIPPPPPIIIII! Caps lock needed.

9. Tallinn sucks, small towns especially Haapsalu rule:

Catch the hoe,
by her toe:

My body was there,
but my mind was flying around in Haapsalu:

Tanned skins and no need for antidepressant: 

Shake that ass,
watch yourself,
shake ya ass,
show me what you're working with:

10. Let me surprise you with another birthday party.
Respect to all the mothers who pushed them out!

When he sits,
he fits:

Small boobs - it lets people get closer to your heart:

11. The most surprising meet up of 2015.
I met up my old classmate and basically my neighbour, who lives in Australia now 
and hadn't been to Estonia for years. How very vintage and fun it was:

12. Our Moving-to-Stockholm party.
Last group pictures...:

...and goodbye kisses:

Then we packed up our To-jo-jo...:

...and took a boat to Sweden:

13. Hello Stockholm:

Hello stereotypes and IKEA:

Fred started school in September:

In the same time I din't know what fruit to pick:

14. In September I went to Copenhagen once again:

We saw the Foals live.
The most powerful moment of 2015:

I moshed and I screamed and I jumped:

No Copenhagen without Aleksandra:

This time I took Fred with me to Denmark:

15. Ott and Ave missed us after three weeks apart.
They came to visit us in September:

Another drunk night was added to TOP 5 Most Intoxicated moments of 2015:

Happy new year...wait it was only September then:

16. The autumn came and scared the summer away:

First it was lovely, but then it got quite depressing as it always does:

17. Our friend was working on the Tallink ferry 
and we had occasional contact with the homeland:

18. We met up new people.
The Dutchman is one of the best find of 2015: 

19. Exploring Stockholm and killing off huge amounts of free time:

The coolest museum visit of 2015:

20. Had a true low point in my life. 
Almost moved back to Estonia:

Gladly I found new energy, stopped being sad and started to be awesome instead;

21. In October the normal daily routine was reached.
Sweden life was our life, which meant running to the alcohol store Friday before 5:

Stockholm was hell in the beginning, but step-by-step started to feel like home:

More new friends:

In the same time we didn't forget our Eastern European roots
and showed everyone how we roll:

Top 5 drunk night of 2015 got an addition.
Also known as the night, when "The guy on left drank vodka from a jam jar":

22. Then I got a job.
Huge game changer!

I was part of a new store opening:

I got really nice coworkers...:

....and started to believe in myself again:

23. Met up with old friends. 
Special year, when you meet Daniele TWICE a year!
 (I don't meet up with friends often, do I?)

Erasmus reunion from the time I lived in Stockholm in 2012/13.
Retro FM:

24. December, again Ella!
If we keep up with this tempo and meet up in 2016 as often we did in 2015 
than we might start making music again and release our LP in 2030:

Girl-talks and fashion statements:

25. November and December I worked liked the rent is due the next day.
Thanks to that I'm now actually able to pay rent.
But my co-workers and I know how to let loose,
the Christmas party was så mysigt:

26. Went to Estonia for Christmas holidays after 5 months apart:

I was pretty:

Made Game of Thrones inspired Christmas cards:

Made mirror selfies with friends:

Or usually selfies with friends:

Got kissed by dogs:

Had some vodka shots, but understood that I cannot keep up anymore:

Got a new haircut and felt relaxed and happy.

Quick questions and answers to sum up 2015 before I go-go.
1. Something that you hadn't done before? Working daily in a Swedish speaking environment and coping with it. (I've done it before, but now it's advanced level legit)
2. Which countries did you visit? Denmark, Germany, Sweden. It was such a sad year travel wise, the plan was Austria, Italy and USA. Hopefully year 2016 will be better, although my bank account does not thinks so.
3. Greatest achievement of 2015? I overcome shaking legs and sweaty hands and actually managed to get driving license. I. don't. believe. it. still. The first time I sat in the car alone without any teachers and with a legal driver status was shit fuck bloody nice! Thank you dearest friends for giving me the start-up money for it.
4. Best purchase? Game of Thrones board game.
5. Something that made you really happy? Driving license. Driving on my own and singing Adele loud and proud.
6. Saddest moment?  The moment my legs were burned and bureaucracy did not let me work in Sweden.
7. What song reminds you of 2015? GOT theme song.
8. Favourite TV show of 2015? Usually I just write Õnne 13 and Friends, of course they are still the best, but I've started to love Orange is the New Black and Game of Thrones. Oh, it was such a Game of Thrones year.
9. Favourite book of 2015? As I am working on my bachelor thesis, I would say Eesti Ajalugu VI. BEST BOOK THERE IS! Such a sad story with a happy ending. I recommend. 
10. Best record and concert 2015? Foals "What went down" and Foals concert in Copenhagen. Pure magic.
11. How do you remember year 2015? To be honest it has not been a great year, no extreme lows nor highs. 2015 was a needed step for something better, I hope. 

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