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Sunday, January 03, 2016

The funeral of 2015

2015 is dead, long live 2016!

We were invited to Sollentuna hemmafest and had a fancy Slovak-themed dinner
there we ate potatoes that tasted like macaroni or was someone seriously trolling us...?
Never trust an Eastern European, also never let them pour you a drink!:

Look at us,
all neatly dressed up and smelling like shower and spring-flowers:

That escalated quickly:

"So, do you want my number or what?"

Maybe or maybe not there's a guy lying down on the kitchen floor.
The human mop was created:

Mr.Human was ignoring gravity.
We, Eastern Europeans tend to reject physical laws:

"Our New Year's Resolution is to buy Spotify Premium!!"

Every time I plan to make a different symbol,
but then I panic and make, yet again, a heart shape:

Few minutes left and 2015 was dead.
 Tid för skumpa!

No, I wasn't stupid enough to lid all the sparkles at the same time
and I did not burn my hand.
I am sophisticated and always keep the wisdom in.:

HEAD UUT AASTAT! (с новым годом!):

It was nice being at a house party, instead of running around at the city and queuing.
As I woke up half past six that day to go to work,
sloth inside me pushed me going home really early.

Big up for the Sollentuna family.

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