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Monday, January 11, 2016

No sleep and repeat.

I didn't make any New Year's resolutions, since I have no idea where 2016 takes me.
 Fred in the other hand started going to gym every other day(!) thus soon I can grate cheese on his abs. *she is eating cookies herself while typing this* Although I'm really proud for taking up new computer games - slowly yet in heightening tempo I'm improving my skills in DOTA, Battlefield and AOE II. 
No, I'm not only sitting home and playing computer games without seeing the shower for three days...or am I? Here are some pictures  to prove that I actually have friends.

I truly been working a lot, yet I don't want to miss out all the fun. In other words I rather torture my body with 4h sleep and 9h work-shift after that, just to join my friends and watch them play boardgames and drink quality Estonian vodka. Alright, but then go home early the next day and have a long sleep, you say? No! Of course not, too easy. Just go to next party instead:

Happy birthday Vilja!:

Even though body tells you to "Abort all missions!"
Then you still ignore sleeping and go out with your colleagues and wave your boss Lady goodbye: 

Sounds like story of my life when I was 17,
but now...body needs sleep, body needs warm clothes, body needs extra care.

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