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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Snowdrops are in bloom. Sunglasses are needed.

Actually I should write my bachelor thesis, however I rather use blogging as a fine proscrastination tool. If my thesis would be a blog post, I would nail it. 
So here comes random pictures of me having fun instead of getting smart (I am really good at it btw).

Are you butt dialling?
Because I am sure that ass is calling me:

 "Have you ever had a feeling that your head is a ball and it keeps on bouncing and bouncing?"

Goodbye small talk, goodbye awkward polite conversations, goodbye having to remember new names. 
Now that we have found each other, we can stop meeting new people. 
Our Dutch Ott and us:

A guy just comes in and ruins perfectly fine food picture.
How rude:

The only colour I need in my life:

I was brushing my teeth and suddenly...
 ...humpback whale!

When Sollentuna family was really glad and baked a cake to celebrate Ewoudje moving out.
They were like really glad to get rid of him.

This harmless guy broke the shower at his moving out party and trashed the place before he said goodbye. 
I applaud him, since you always should leave with a bang!

The Slovak is handling the lyrics word by word:

You think you are a Alicia Keys but that what actually comes out of your month is so-so Off Key
 (no reason to smile):

Living our Champagne lifestyle with low budget
and celebrating Estonia Independence Day. 

The tears of joy, when this lovely gentleman picks you up after a long day at work just to take you to Maxx to have the most unhealthiest dinner ever.

Sometimes when I have too much money,
I go to a very posh place at Östermalm and order just a glass of lemonade with my girl.
Livin la vida loca!:

It is bloody amazing to meet people are all around the world 
and it is nice to be able to ask them silly questions.
Like my friend from Down Under has to tell me tales about crocodiles and snakes at 2am.
Here we are happy that nothing in Stockholm wants to eat us:

Fred goes to gym every other day and snowboarding on Saturdays (!).
He also eats pizza that is bigger than our IKEA table:

Finally the spring is here. Snowdrops are in bloom. Sunglasses are needed.
Soon I have to buy sunscreen. 

Afro-Swedish pride:

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