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Sunday, February 14, 2016

My Stockholm routine

This year we took out the analog cameras and put the digital one on the shelf. 
Here's my daily routine in pictures.
Eat, sleep and repeat. 

Feels so warm, although the reality is so cold.
(Also I am a big girl, but still in-toeing):

The previous picture-Wilma made this picture. 
(I suggest a drinking game, you drink a vodka shot every time word 'picture' is mentioned in this post):

I hold my breath until maximum outcome is reached:

I just noticed that Stockholm Town Hall looks very oriental:

Busy bees going home/to work:

Fighting the winter depression with good food, 
there's nothing a little fat can't fix:

That moment when a gentleman was waiting for his Tinder date:

My store,
there I do monki business:

My colleagues like to do selfies as much as I do:

People with slight or enormous winter depression.
We all have it:

Once a week I spend my fabulous time in the laundry house
and try to wash my sins away:

2h fun:

I died and went to heaven:

At home I have this ghetto boy:

My face is dead-white, my morning robe is depressing grey
however my shower curtain is on acid: 

I watched Estonian Eurovision yesterday night and fell in love.
So proud of Eesti Laul concept, please vote buy this guy's album and support him, because wow!

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