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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Five star home. Cray cray va-cay-cay.

Two weeks ago I went to Estonia for a quick visit, since Fred has been to Estonia every month, it was damn time for me to get some homeland pampering. I love Fred, but it is oh-my-lord-how-lovely to sleep alone in my big bed like a starfish. 

The celebration of Shrove Tuesday. 
My tummy said "Yummy" and my fat just clapped:

The bliss = quality tea + vintage Chloé ads + cheap prices on the menu:

Little smoothie, herring and girl-talk:

Took my 13year old dog to a restaurant and she acted like a lady.
She got her own bowl and everything:

"Dogs that behave good are always welcome":

The source of considerable mirth = walk in the park with my Tibi:

Years go by and I am still so jealous of her eyelashes
(could you wear more scarves?):

Brush your teeth until you have them:

My bestfriend is a Robo-Cop:


I have here few pictures, when Fred was in Tallinn a week before I was. 
He took our Dutch friend to the East side and he liked it (or he is just polite enough to lie):

Salmon parliament:

Onion towers:

The Japanese tourist who only has two fingers:

Our ministers, 
also know as penis power:

The red Black Mountain:

Who know me better can give me a slow clap, since I took the boat all by myself.
I cried. I watched Õnne 13. I cried again. I panicked. I slept and I was home.
Cheers to that! 
(see that I took with me tonnes of my favourite lemonade instead of alcohol. 
no booze cruise yet lemonade ferry.)

Here is a stupid Swedish song that I cannot get out of my head:

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