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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

The starfish on Stockholm rooftops

Like said in the last post I became older, now I would like to add that since last week also a bit wiser. But we will go back to that when it is time...
Despite everything I am still like a school-kid, as 'my year' is from September to May, which means we have lived in Stockholm one year. Cheers to that!

Sleepy lady all in black steps across Medborgarplatsen and sips homemade smoothie.
She is a bit grumpy, but full of vitamins: 

The birthday became a birthweek.
A late lunch at grandfather's place with more sugar than should be allowed:

"Glitter?" you ask.
Just a rough day at work, you should have seen the others:

A lot of Swedes drink Cava at parties. First I was like "??", then I saw the price of one bottle (0,75 l)
and was like "Gimme! Gimme!". 
Rooftops, sunsets and Cava make me flirty:

On our way to Lappis (huuuge student housing) party,
the old man behind us is like "Lappis party? Tonight? Hell, yes!"

You know you're in Lappis when...:

Last week I spent 48 hours in Tallinn, 
the only proof I have:

At work we don't starve, we are well taken care of.
"Hmm, decisions-decisions-decisions."

"All the honeys,
makin' money,
throw ya hands up at me!"

My Fred had a last day at uni (first year of masters done)
and we took Günter's hotdogs to celebrate. The most romantic way to spend time together:

My birthday gift is waiting for me.

In two weeks I'll spend few days in Estonia again. Wippii!

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