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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Fred and Wilma in New York. Part 1 of 3

Greetings from New York! 
Every year I try to up my game when it comes to Fred's birthday. Few months back I came to a conclusion that surprise parties were so last year and taking my mister to New York was so 2017. Seriously next year he is getting just a pair of socks...

Let me now unravel the first part of our U, S and A adventures.

The view from the airplane.
Boom! Done and seen, can go back to Europe now:

At first New York welcomed us with warm spring weather,
we felt happy and relaxed although we were afraid that Trump will sign a bill 
that denies entry for the ray of sunshine:

*NSFV (not safe for vegans)*
First breakfast we had in New York was at Egg a.k.a 50 shades of bacon:

"Oh, look, another church!"
"No, it's a bank again."
The holy places in NYC:

My true love is Fred & Other Stories:

Vacation mode download 110% completed:

Fred and a huge dinosaur fossil in the background:

The new rail hub at the collapsed 9/11 site made me feel like a little ant:

This is the concrete jungle where dreams are made of:

You know where to find me:

The theatre district and shiny lights:

Times Square, a must yet average:

Hello, my name is Wilma and I have an addiction:

Grand Central Station clock says that it is AK time in Estonia:

Busy bees and one slow tourist:

Actually we came here to eat and only eat.
The Shake Shake did deliver and its Shroom burger is on the top of my list
and this is Fred being extremely happy while showing ultimate emotions:

My compulsive disorder had an orgasm at Whole Foods Market:

The next day we went to Korea town and had a 'bang for a buck':

I love that just few steps away, behind the next corner a completely new world/ quarter awaits.
This city is never dull:

The iconic house that is as flat as my chest:

The American flag is everywhere x 100:

Life's good despite that the temperature dropped like 25°C:

Getting the hang of the NY metro, but we will never speak conductor fluently: 

We took a wrong turn when going home and got lost.
Wrong train, can't complain:

The weird excitment level you get when you find out 
that you have booked Airbnb just across where Jay-Z was born and raised:

Non-stop birthday celebrations:

You already know that where Fred and Wilma go,
our best friend Ott will join and the circus will follow:

to be continued...

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