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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Fred and Wilma in New York. Part 3 of 3

Alright, one of the coolest trips is now over, we both were truly satisfied with this present. It's great to invest into Fred's birthday gifts that also I can enjoy, egoist much? 

New York is amazing. Go there. Eat. Drink. Walk. Look up. Enjoy.
Let's now wrap up this "Look at this stupid tourist" posts.

The coolest thing was that we lived in a orthodox jewish quarter and even the text on school busses were in Hebrew (yes, yes. not on this picture). Fred wanted to respond to the "Drivers needed" ad, but "Nah, Europe is cool, man.":

A quiet lite oasis we found in the middle of hectic Manhattan.
The sound gave me the special urge to pee though:

Me small,
city big:

I dare you to photoshop a penis into this picture:

The perfection of the rectangular Central Park gave me the chills:

I do recommend the view at the Top of the Rock, 
since you can see Empire State building and Central Park. 
Money well spent:

Jay-Z and Beyonce?
Noup, Fred and Wilma:


Mina kivikuningas,
sina sitalabidas:

The squirrels were deffinately doing some cocaine or MDMA, 
since they weren't afraid at all of humans. 
They basically jumped on your shoulder, looked at your meal and asked 
"So, you've finished with that?":

Instead of investing into fancy gravestone for their beloved who have passed away,
New Yorkers dedicate chairs and benches in the memory of their loved ones.
Please, do the same for me, it would read 
"That was silly that you died because you ate too much cake, but we love you.":

Look like he wants to kill himself after spending time with his girlfriend, 
who has been shopping in every museum store in the city.
I say shopping done right:


Our evening routine:
Ott, Fred and I + speakeasy bar + best cocktails = New York bliss:

American pancakes were huuuuuuuuuuge, I wanted to puke in the end.
Now I am just sad and drooling all over this picture...TAKE ME BACK!:

Then the snowstorm Stella hit us hard.
Best advice ever:

From warm spring weather we somehow landed back into shitty Estonian weather.
We were like fuck this shit, let's pack our bags and go home:

Look at this passionate trumpet player.
"New York - where zero fucks are given":

Goodbye USA, you were great! 
(despite Trump trying to make it even greater and failing so bad)

I'm the new Sinatra and since I made it here
I can make it anywhere, yeah, they love me everywhere

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