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Thursday, August 03, 2017

JEPP! aka the wedding of Epp & Juss

Hõissa, Epp and Juss got married!

Juss found a girl, who offered him protection
a lot of love and affection,
whether his right or wrong:

Mirror, mirror on the wall
who's the prettiest bride of them all?

The word *JUSS* put a smile on her face:

Khaleesi looking over her territory:

The visitors were welcomed by Tiit and Teet Parking Services:

It was such a important day that I decided to pimp myself up with the help of make-up.
Maret Ubaleht did wonders with my face, I looked well rested and healthy!
 (kustutas mu keedupelmeenid):

Visitors from far far away came flowers in the hands:

The couple actually married two days before and Kaarel just sealed the deal with an impeccable speech. 
Here is the moment Juss understood once again that he hit jackpot with that girl:

It's like during Eurovision when instead of giving the points the caller starts speaking about their country
and the hosts of the show try to speed him up:

Love in a bottle:

Wilma and Fred on their circus world tour:

The maid of honour fulfilling her duties:

The garden fairy:

I'm your girl, you're my girl, we're your girls:

Easy breezy:


The moment after Ott almost poured a bottle of red wine on Epp's white dress.
Close call!

The happy feet:

Family business:

And then the photographer asked if we also wish the pose normally.
We were like, this is us being as normal we can be:

Who run the world? GIRLS!

That day we learned that the groom is 27cm taller than the bride and few kilos heavier:

High on love:

Even Khaleesi panicked when she flew with the dragon for the first time:

Official statement: I am not actually dating this guy, 
sorry for the confusion:

The first day of my vacation has started off amazingly:

If you would ask me what was the most memorable moment during the wedding? I would said that when Epp's bestie Diana walked on the stage with a guitar and started singing. The mesmerising voice. Overcoming the stage fright. So amazing!
At the ceremony I could hold my tears back, but during Diana's performance I released the waterfall and I wasn't the only one:

He started loving angel instead:

Now starts the chapter "Wedding the after-hours"

In endless drink and food flow we trust:

In the end there's only love:

Limbo a day
keeps doctor away:

I have to start working out because the bar was really high! (actually low):

Epp is so lean and amazingly limber!

Mihkel killed it! 
He actually did not need help as seen on picture:

Like seriously! HE WENT DOWN!:

The sun shined so bright at 3am:

Liquid lunch, dinner and night snack:

Gentlemen dancing:

Endless hugs...:

...endless dance:

This wedding is approved by the committee:

The Queen of Pükstükk:

The blurry early morning, sun was rising
and Linkin Park told us that in the end it does not even matter:

It warms my heart that my first boyfriend and I were the last ones standing. We reminded the good old times when we had to play the bottle game and kiss basically all our classmates before the fucking bottle decided to give us two a chance. I am truly madly deeply happy that Even was my first crush and he was the gentleman to make me believe in love the rest of my life. We analysed our relationship and came to a conclusion that people, bare to have more balls and risk more! There's no need for "what if":

6:25am the last ones standing.
Good morning and good night!:

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