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Monday, August 07, 2017

Discovering my inner Greek goddess in Athens

Fred's Greek friend Alexis has always invited us to Greece and you know what, we did as we were told. We were so sick of freezing all the time in Estonia, so we wanted to remind ourselves what sweating is all about. So far Greece has fully delivered, thanks to the heatwave the temperatures reach 38°C. 
First two days we spent in Athens. The amount of ancient ruins gave my historian self an orgasm and the amount of graffiti gave a hint of the more grim times.

Look at these bloody tourist at the Acropolis of Athens.
The famous Parthenon is just behind us:

The proper outfit for 38°C.
Sweating much?

Nevermind the Ancient ruins you stumble upon every step,
the Byzantine, early Christian and Turkish Ottoman era landmarks could be found here and there:

I have a theory that these two guys are brothers and they got separated at birth.
Unbelievable how alike one blond Estonian and brunette Greek can be:

The flea market was amazingly cheap, next time we should come with a big van and go nuts.
(The guy behind me really likes my pants):

Acropolis at distance looking over Athens:

Remember kids, those are Ionic capitals.
Art history teacher would be proud:

Apollo and Aphrodite:

Sweat, baby, sweat!

I believe it can't get more Greek than this:


Ice-cold water makes the world go round:

The amount of stray animals on the streets of Athens is ridiculous!
They seem pretty chill though:

Casually watching the sunset next to ancient agora (dropping terms here):

House hair:

"It's hot, man!"

The prices were reasonable and the knowledge of English together with the hospitality
means that Greece kicked Italy's ass:

The Acropolis is seen from all around the Athens,
it helps you to navigate:

The day after we hunted down delicious ice-cream:

And conquered yet another mountain:

SPF 50 is my best friend:

Boys feeling like Gods looking over Athens:

We were ready to enter the church:

The Orthodox church and the Greek characteristics is very similar to Russia,
thus it felt weirdly familiar:

"Hi moms! We are doing good!"

That moment when you realise that your ass is on fire:

Cactus boys:

Mari was here:

Erased the memory of winter from my mind:

Looking at the distance and thinking about an inspirational quote:

The X factor:

Golden trio:

Zyrtec allergy medicine commercial:

The city is full of contrasts and without a local guiding us I would be pretty scared:

Caper berries/leaves together with Greek cheese and olives:

In food we trust:

Contrast of Athens = the academy and nearby you can find an alley filled with drug junkies:

On the third day we drove to a beach nearby Athens.
Alexis told us that it is a rather average place, but I as a basic bitch enjoyed it fully:

Alexis caught a sea urchin,
with some lemon + olive oil and the dinner is served: 

Enough with the city, now we are sunbathing on a Greek island Sifnos,
but more about that in the next episode.

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