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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

My trip to Greece. Part II Sifnos

It literally hurts physically and mentally 
to write this post about my vacation in Greece, 
as yesterday was my first day back at work (nevermind that it took me like 45 minutes to recall all my passwords). 
I love my work, but I love holidays even more.

After few days in Athens (read about it here) we went to discover the famous Greek archipelago and this post is about a paradise called Sifnos and the main character is a Goddess who cannot swim: 

We woke like really early to catch the ship to Sifnos
and at 6am it was still hotter than the hottest day in Estonia 
(bitching about the weather is the national sport in Estonia):

Never have I ever seen such a big package of Feta cheese:

First I was like "Where am I?",
luckily the wall told me the truth:

Without this gentleman our trip would have been completely dull and full of tourist errors:

How could you shoot a good man down?

Our house was at the highest peak of the village just next to the church:

A rare Sifnos starfish was sighted:

Thinking about that Estonian girl, who he has not yet met, but will be his baby mama:

Please note the huge bruise on my left hand.
No, Fred is not beating me, I am just that crazy girl who loves moshing at a Foals concert:

His so sexy that it messes my head up:

and repeat:

One evening we went to a fish restaurant named Captain Sifakis and ate everything on the menu:

One moment the waiter came with extra drinks telling that those were from the table next to us. We were more than surprised but, hey, free alcohol is the best alcohol there is. Then they started ordering food for us. Moment later more drinks. More Greek cheers. More Greek traditional music. Suddenly we are sitting at the same table with these guys and talking about Tiit Sokk and team Panathinaikos. Surreal!
The most authentic Greek evening in my life:

Shitty video to remember that great night:

The fish restaurant was at the beach and our home was high above, thus we needed to climb miles before getting there. Thanks to the endless amounts of drinks Mr.Panathinaikos poured us it took us like a week to get home:  

I love my men, like a love my wine,
red and full of alcohol:

We aren't good friends when you have not had the privilege to get to know my 10 picture self-timer: 

Always a good idea to try the traditional Russian dance on the roof at 2am:

Morning yoga pose - the flying whale:

Peace and water:

Vacation means that you have forgotten what a bra is,
let it breathe, let is loose:

Khaleesi walking to Dragonstone:

"Fred, I really want to own some dragons. Pretty pleeeeeeaaasssee!":

bliss (blɪs)
perfect happiness; great joy:

Thinking about all the fucks that are not given:

Slightly pink is in my book 'very tanned':

We be drummin'
we be jammin':

The perfect home-cooked meal,
even the ice cubes had a special flavour: 

The bitchin' balcony view at night with Draginstone and the Westeros seen at distance:

My beach booooy:

I am the queen of random power naps:

The beach party in making:

Yes, our Airbnb house was a museum:

Bye, bye Sifnos and hello Athens again:

I am all about travelling.
Just shut up and take my money!

Alexis, you are the king! This trip was unreal!


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