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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Spilling the wedding beans

Alright, I promise to wrap this wedding topic up and from now on I will continue to glow secretly under my blanket. It's really easy to get married, but telling your friends and family is the tough part, like Eminem puts it:
His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready.
We were quite sneaky about telling our closest friends and hid the act behind our traditional dinners we like to arrange. When food was served I made a speech how we were really happy that we could spend our one week wedding anniversary with them. Note to self - my friends think that I have a terrible sense of humour since they though I was kidding. Markus could not close his mouth for like good ten minutes. To be fair I am a bit coco-loco-sugar-loops and a bit untrustworthy, so I showed them our wedding certificate.
The shit got real!

That moment when a quiet Saturday dinner turn into wedding celebration:

This photo takes me back in time
as we all have that childhood picture with a random uncle Heino at a random birthday party:

The moment Little Sam realised that his parent brought us toilet paper as a gift,
so we can now safely say that as a wedding present we got 24 rolls of toilet paper
for all the shit future will bring:


Love must be celebrated with vodka
(Don't worry, I'm taking part in "No Alcohol in September" and I kept my word):

The jolly auntie:

It's suspicious when adults are having so much fun:

It's UNO time!

We are glowing, because we got...

....a dishwasher:

I am not exaggerating, when I say

But it can get competitive, 
so husbands and wives might not want to sit together just to avoid war:

In Rimi we trust!

I am never too fat, he is too weak:

The moment Fred discovered a new cocktail that must be shaken for twelve minutes.
shake ya booty!:

It's all about the product placement - 
vodka on the table, toilet paper in the background.
This is how we roll!

He did fell graciously on his back the next moment:

No one ever believes that I am sober,
I was born this way:

Like 3am they took the hula-hoop with them and went to the town.
I stayed home and went to bed with 100 times happier, because my friends are awesome and my husband is sexy:

Our wedding song (according to Ott and me)

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