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Thursday, September 07, 2017

The master of Drummin' & Jammin' had a birthday

He cool. He smart. He sexy x 100. He my friend Ott.
He now 26.

Taking the best out of last days of summer.
Laura can't really handle our company before glass of wine:

No drugs,
more hugs:

Only the coolest could stand up
and all the loosers had to sit:

lootus uus!

Ott can't believe that he is standing between such hot piece of asses
"Bro, ya seeing dis?":

Markus is such a keeper,
I hope he finds a perfect girl who will love him from tip to toe forever:

"Are they seriously getting into that bath??!?"

The answer is: HELL YES!
(Photo credit goes to amazing Paula)

Do I want to kiss Lepik or is there a mosquito on his forehead?:

We love Ott extremely much, however we love his bath a bit more:

I like warm bath and snuggles!

They like cold beer and cigars:

And then I put my killer playlist on and dance floor was jumping!
"It's getting hot in here, so put on more your clothes!"

"Ya wanna dance, babe?"

Romantiku road never fails to deliver:

So happy that Ott's neighbours are his relatives,
so no one called the police. WIN!

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