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Sunday, September 03, 2017

Annual tradition: Ian's special day in Haapsalu

Every year Ian makes a Facebook event like a year before the actual occasion - he is writing the Christmas event text as we speak. Busy bees as we are, we know like months ahead that the tradition is very much alive and the bandwagon goes to Haapsalu for Ian's birthday. 
We are not very fond of changes.

The event has become more calm, as we have unfriended and blocked everyone who tend to bite and drive off drunk. 
The ones that survived are 

Before we begin a little gossip and horoscope is a must.
Otherwise you will not know what the evening will bring:

"Look, that Ian's youth flying away!"

When I desperately try to outshine people, 
sorry Kaire!

Beer, pizza and girls
the best combo there is:

Don't drink and drive
just dance and fly:

Union of Transport Workers written on his gap and ready for some serious work:

A rubber hat to hold your brain together, 
when you feel like your head is a mess:

Some are morning people,
and some simply are not:

Hats make people smarter:

"Be natural, be yourself!" 
aaaaand photogenic Ian put his hand on a shoulder and smized:

Haapsalu squad ready to work!

Street food festival is medicine for lazy mornings:

Laura found a friend who is as chill as her:

The family business:

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