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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

All you need is Berlin

Previously I have had rather enjoyable one even three-night stands with Berlin, so taking Fred there and forming a threesome was a must. Thanks to a brief school holiday I was in need of escaping the daily routine just for a second – the idea was sponsored by ridiculously cheap Easyjet tickets. Paula borrowed her home and Ella flew in from London. I love when plan comes together!

In that sense meeting up with Ella was like a band reunion, since the one and only song I have written was together with her. Nevermind the Drunk Girls (that's our band name, not our condition):

The house was decorated for our arrival:

Without good food we do not function:

Bitches like waffles:

It's greener on the other side is a scientific fact:

I might be a grown-up, but bubbles still make the world go round:

Selfie in the front of Bradenburger Tor and feminist rally, both are symbols of fighting.
Make love, not war:

In case you were lost:

Haven't had a snack for like four minutes, weakness got the best of me.
Needed to hold myself up:


Since it was Fred's first time in Berlin, then we embraced the tourists inside us.
Here is Checkpoint Charlie and other landmarks that USA has given us:

Beer before reasonable hour tastes so much better: 

It's alright, it's okay,
we are not gonna pump your gas today:

Mistakes were made while I got married.
This is how I should have done it:

This is Fred overly excited and extremely happy:

Most of the time we ate,
because in food we trust:

It seems like I have done drugs and chilled at Berghain.
However, I was at club Bed, feat. DJ Pillow and MC Blanky:

I like to look at nice things:

I like to try on nice things:

I like to buy nice things 
(I am not the most complex person):

Although Paula was in London, she was with us in spirit and made us feel like home:

Limonade, jaaa, zuuuupppaaahhh!

Could I get a more interesting and cheaper hobby?
This story is ridiculous:

"Hello beautiful" and I was sold:

"CAN YOU COME OUT TO PLAY?" she yelled:

He rollin',
they hatin':

I felt balanced and super zen again:

Only 25637 record stores left to discover:

We are too cute for street credibility: 

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