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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

We be drummin', we be jammin' - My 2017

Quick questions and answers to sum up 2017

1. Word that describes 2017? RMK
2. Something that you hadn't done before? A lot of firsts this year. Never have I ever got married, owned an apartment or enrolled in master studies before.
3. Where did you travel? Stockholm, Helsinki, Malmö, Copenhagen, Warsaw and super awesome trips to New York and Greece. My famous wanderlust was put on hold after I started to study at uni again.
4. Greatest achievement of 2017? 1. I wouldn't say getting married, since it was super easy! However, managing to love someone and working hard to maintain a relationship, that's some bloody hard work. 2. Keeping myself sane while having a full time job and full time master studies.
5. Best purchase? Everything we bought from IKEA to our very own home.
6. Something that made you really happy? RMK + Erik & Laura moving back to Estonia + trips abroad + building a home + different weddings
7. Saddest moment? When I became 26 and was no longer eligible for youth flight tickets.
8. What song reminds you of 2017? Jamie XX - Good Times + Lucy Rose - Second chance
9. Favourite TV show in 2017? As always Golden Girls, Friends, Everybody Hates Chris, That 70's Show, GOT. However this year I even started to watch one new series (such much wow) The Good Place. Netflix changes people.
10. Favourite book in 2017? Since my friend is starring in the new "Tõde ja õigus" movie, I once again read the books. Classic!
11. Best theatre play in 2017? "BB ilmub öösel" - it might even be my all time favourite.
12. Best record and concert in 2017? 1. Records: Lucy Rose "Somthing's Changing" and 12EEK Monkey "Xibalba spa". 2. Concerts: José Gonzalez, GoGo Penguin, Fink and of course Foals' concert in Vilnius.
13. How do you remember year 2017? Gooooooood times, goood times 

Jump on the bandwagon, the next stop is 2018


1. New Year's Eve
2017 started at Ott's place with sparkles:

I was a bit overly attached girlfriend:

 New year,
old friends:

As always I was so hot, that it burned his eyes:

The hair was on fire and the mood was up:

2. Stockholm
I became holmsick (adjective; unhappy because of being away from Stockholm for a long period) 
so I was like hey, I got to use the SAS youth tickets while I can:

So hangover + zipper didn't not close = still gorgeous:

My Cissi 

Ordinary evening in Stockholm with my girls:

It has been too damn long, since I last saw these gäris:

3. Friends
Ott was single and enjoyed himself:


4. Friends
We sent Melis off to a trip around the world.

5. Oh, baby!
Lovely baby news arrived:

6. José Gonzalez

7. Boiler Room
In February we received the keys for our new apartment, 
which meant that every available moment we were fixing the place up.
Straight from painting the wall, we went to Boiler Room at Lekker:

MARCH 2017

8. Cissi and Linn in Tallinn
Friendship needs dedications, cultures need to be exchanged,
therefore my Swedish gäris came to visit me in Tallinn:

I took them to every underground rap party there was and showed them the tourists sites:

Cissi only bought ONE drink:

Good girls gone bad:

Of course I took them to Lasnamäe!
I hope they liked Tallinn and visit me soon again:

Every year I try to up my game when it comes to Fred's birthday. 
I decided that surprise parties were so last year 
and taking my mister to New York was so 2017:

Vacation mode 110% downloaded:

Fred at concrete jungle where dreams are made of:

I love that just few steps away, 
behind the next corner a completely new world/ quarter awaits.
Also, the food was a-m-a-z-i-n-g:

Where Fred and Wilma go,
our best friend Ott will follow and join the circus:

At first warm spring weather welcomed us, later snowstorm Stella approached the city
and we wore all the clothes we had packed with: 

The city truly did not sleep:

It was super awesome to celebrate Fred's birthday there:

My best selfie in 2017:

That so big,
me so small:

From 20°C to this...
and we went back to Europe:

New York was amazing! Go there. Eat. Drink. Walk. Look up. Enjoy:

10. New home
A completely separate chapter was our apartment.
In 2017 I spent more time at IKEA than ever:

Looking endlessly at "How to..." youtube videos:

We took the Soviet era pearl into modern times:

Now this is my backyard:

In April we finally moved in and invited our friends over:

APRIL 2017

11.  Friends
We organised a surprise party for Meliss, however I only have two pictures to prove it:

Boys stick together:

12. Warsaw
Spring came and I flew to Warsaw to visit Triin!
Such much love:

Thank you European Union for Erasmus programme!
I cannot describe how nice it was to meet Karolina! We last saw each other 4 years ago:

Warsaw was like one month ahead of Tallinn considering the weather.
I was in bloom:

T-LO zen:

Thank you Warsaw for having me, it was a pleasure!:

MAY 2017

13. Returning home
In the beginning of May a life changing event occurred - Erik, Laura and Sam moved back to Tallinn! 
I only have this soviet styled photo to remember it:

14. Tallinn - Copenhagen - Malmö - Växjö

SAS turned my trip into a nightmare. At the exact moment, when my boarding pass was scanned, I was asked to step aside as I could not board the plane due to "operational problems". So there I was among those 25 angry passengers who were left behind. 
*insert juicy swear words here*
Quickly emergency plan B was put into action. Tickets were rebooked via Stockholm. Friends called friends who called their friends to find me a place to stay for the night, since my flight was delayed 5h and the last Copenhagen - Växjö train had already left. Very messy situation.
All the shit aside everything work out better than I had thought: I met some amazing new people with golden hearts and found out that there is something bigger than Stockholm Det finns något större än Stockholm:

Finally I arrive to Växjö to celebrate our friends 30th birthday.
The theme was leopard and Cissi owned it:

Team leopard:

Pale girls enjoying the first ray of sunshine:

After all the mess I got 250€ compensation from SAS, 
had an amazing time and met some heartwarming people. 

Went back to Malmö and got excellent serivice at & Other Stores from this girl:

A little Copenhagen before I went home
(I love travelling!)

15. Eurovision
For your information, I am the second biggest Eurovision fan in Estonia: 

16. Birthday
Quick no time to explain! 
Grab a flowerpot, kitchen paper, a drill, hula-hoop and some more shit:

And he was off to Finland:

The doorbell rang. Nothing suspicious yet. I hear giggles. Ott can't make so high pitch sounds. I went to have a look. Candles! Cake! Hula-hoop! Friends! Speechless!
This surprise made my birthday complete:

Erik and Laura gave this huge bouquet:

First time ever I had to work on my birthday,
but it was rather amusing:

Wilma became 26:

Sassy in the forest:

Fred took me on a romantic dinner,
felt so mature:

The perfect birthday cocktail:

17. Ella 
New life was created in 2017:

This picture created the most fuzz in 2017.
I had to give out an official explanation that I am not pregnant, 
however it looked way too real:

Trammi was actually pregnant and little Ella is adorable:

She has uncles and aunties, who love her and would like to see her more often.
Sending a lot of love to Paris:

18. Friends
Talking about this great uncle,
he had some rough times during the first half year. 
Some long car sessions were in order:

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, there was whole lot of love.
Läbi sita tähtede poole!:

JUNE 2017

19. RMK I
We were drummin' and we were jammin':

We rented the Sunset house, which was best 65€ ever invested 
(the actual house was bigger than shown on picture):

Nature and good company:

Ott wore most iconic outfit of 2017:

 Erik & Laura moved back to Estonia and Wilma's Integration Squad was fully in action:

Best photoshop in 2017:

Soon-to-be-married Epp:

One of the fondest memory of last year:

20. Birthday party
I was pampered. I was loved. I was hugged. I was made so bloody happy:

21. Midsummer at Hiiumaa.

It is unfair, how I write to every picture that it was the most awesome moment in 2017. 
I literally had so many great moments to remember, but Midsummer madness is something I will tell my grandchildren:

Utter bliss:

Sending the misters off to sea:

Vibu the Whippet whipped us with some speed:

Traditions were held:

When you convince people at 6am to take you to the beach:

We found the beach and were true pirates of Hiiubean:

Word are sometimes not enough:

Gravity is a bitch, but my friends are great:

The Midsummer flowers:

22. Friends
Spontaneous dinners and lovely company:

23. Erik
Did I express my feelings how happy I am that he moved back to Estonia?
Our friendship and our Snapstreak is going strong:

JULY 2017

24. Sam's first songfestival:

25. Noah's Arc:

26. Into the Valley festival
Despite all the fail, techno still took my heart away:

27. TKG reunion
Brothers from another mother + sisters from another misters:

28. Epplorette party
Epp got married, but before she has a little blast with the gals:

Alcohol yoga, long talks and blurry mornings =
such much love:

Love you Epp!

I am home, I should go drunk:

29. The wedding of Epp & Juss
THE celebration of the year:


Seeing how pretty Epp was:


Handsome parking service:

Kaarel sealed the deal:

Big wedding celebrations are amazing!
I hate people who marry secretly:

The live performance of the year:

Fly high!

Robbie Willams -Angels

That moment gives me giggles.
6:25AM the last ones standing with this gentleman:

30. Foals concert in Vilnius
Straight from a sweet wedding to a rocking concert: 

We have a tradition to see Foals once a year:

43% of the whole year I spent at IKEA:


31. Greece

Fred's Greek friend Alexis has always invited us to Greece and you know what, we did as we were told. We were so sick of freezing all the time in Estonia, so we wanted to remind ourselves what sweating is all about:

Look at these bloody tourist at the Acropolis of Athens:

That's my boy!

Relax and chill all the time:

The local showed us the Greek charm:

This picture is taken 7AM and it was still warmer than the hottest day in Estonia:


Not a single work thought on my mind:

Our AirBnb was perfection:

Orthodox boys:

Khaleesi walking to Dragonstone (GOT reference):

Take me back now!

32. RMK II
At the beginning of June we rented a RMK house and we did it again in August. 

We put Rõngu on the map:

Healthy food and fresh air:


Adventure time at an adventure park 
(my muscles ached as hell, but it was super fun):

65€ for the house!
Cheep and cheerful:

Just hanging:

Summer rulez!

Pokumaa girls:

2017 was the year of limbo:

33. Ian's birthday at Haapsalu
Every year Ian makes a Facebook event like a year before the actual occasion, 
so it is given that one August night we will spend in Haapsalu:

The morning after hat squad:

34. Ott's birthday
In August very loveable people have their birthdays:

Romantiku fashion week:

My favourite dish - big bowl of friends:

We be drummin', we be jammin':


35. My wedding
On the 1th of September I closed my Tinder account for good:

Not sure if happy bride or ghost Casper:

100% of our wedding guests:

Ok, bye! I'm off to adulthood:

We are truly glad that we did it in own way.
I am truly glad that I have him.

Look, mom, we are married!

36. Marriage announcement
A week later it was time to tell our family and closest friends that we got married. 
The surprise of 2017:

A casual dinner turned into wedding celebration:

They gave us toilet paper as a wedding gift,
we gave them an awesome poster: 

"Let's get old together!"

37. Sending Pärna off to Austria
I miss him very much!


38. Erik's birthday
We covered Erik's eyes, ordered Uber and took ourselves to a speakeasy bar Dissident.
On our way there Erik had no idea where we were going. The driver played along by touching his knee and saying "You will be ok" in Russian. To say the least Erik wetted himself. However, when he opened his eyes and saw that we had arrived to paradise, he actually enjoyed the night (I hope):

My girls:

He had a little drink after he realised that the winter is coming:

39. Friends
In September my stress levels went drastically up. Going to university would be a good idea, they said... 
I had little misfortune with my health. I had little time for social life.
That why those rare moments with good company were so enjoyable:

40. Work
I need to tell you how hard my life is that I chose myself. Whining is the best cure!
Full time job + full time studies = still smiling:

Also I celebrated one year anniversary at work and one year being back in Estonia.
Missing Sweden every day, but still made a right choice:

41. Halloween
The unicorn and cookie monster met up with friends:

That moment when you poop after several days of silence:

My family portrait:


42. Bachelorette party
Marrying secretly comes with a benefit of not having a bachelorette party – no 16-person jacuzzi limo, no penis straws and no discount rate strippers. However, all of a sudden I found myself at wedding dress salons, because my close friends revenged me with a surprise dress testing:

To say the least, this kind of fluffiness is not my cup of tea and it gave us a lot of giggles:

43. Random & Other Stories love


44. G & T-Lo
Our regular meet ups are so precious and keep me sane. 
W stands for Washing dirty laundry:

45. Ian back home
Ian came home. School holiday started. Vacation from work was on.
Life was great again:

New glasses gave extra mojo:

We meet twice a year,
let's make it count:

46. Totsid
My girls and I got carried away celebrating Christmas and it seems like we prematurely welcomed New Year as well. The glamour was excessively overflowing and some outstanding
 powerpoint presentations were made:

My powerpuff girls:

Bye, bye 2017! Was great:

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